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At the beginning of Spring – a wander in the Garden with Ruth Irving

It’s dusk and my evening walk around the garden affords me much pleasure.  One of greatest aspects of gardening are the surprises it can bring to one’s day and in Spring time there is constantly something new to discover.  We’re busily preparing for our annual open garden event and we’re so pleased with how the garden is shaping up for this and importantly for our busy wedding season that in now well and truly upon us.

September Gardens
Roldana - August perfection
Pink Silene

The daffodils are now really making a big show with their pretty colourful frills, they’re so charming in their profusion.
In the red borders little Cerese Cylcamen perfume the air, they’re so grateful making their presence felt every year.
I always buy the ones with small flowers at the nurseries and check that they are perfumed as I do.
Large pink Salvia Involucrata Karwinskii was the star of August and continues to flourish.
In so many parts of the garden their majestically tall clusters of bright pink flowers create a real sensation.
Our hedges of velvet leaved Roldana are also protagonists with their exuberant clumps of pretty yellow flowers born high and crowding for dominance.  Pink Silene Pendula under the lime green flowering Euphorbia is an incredible combination.
The Pink Silene is such a charmer, flowering profusely for nearly three months and clashing with all that is near. Our Spring bulbs have been so quick to jump up, and we’re already seeing plenty of Tulips who join the Dutch Iris’s that have been tall and blooming since mid Winter.
Our many thousands of Ranunculus are slower and we’re still waiting patiently for the riot of colour that they will provide.  Our liliums are just breaking through the surface promising a colourful show into Summer.

In winter we planted our new driveway trees and we’re hopeful that they will establish successfully.  We’re planting to predecessors for the elms that are currently there, preparing that they will eventually succumb to the Elm Leaf Beetle, that with trees in the number we have, we will not be able to sustain controlling.  This time we have put in Oriental Plane Trees.  It was our intention from the very early days of being on the property that the driveway would be planted with London Plane Trees.  30 years ago we did plant them along the length, but unfortunately only 1/3 of the number survived, this time we hope that our vision will finally be cemented.

AL RU Farm Driveway

As we move into the warmer days of Spring we really feel so grateful for the garden and for the opportunities to share it.  We love being able to offer it to so many wonderful couples each for their wedding days, and our annual Open Garden Days are an event that we relish every year.  This year we’re open on the 22nd and 23rd of September from 10am-4pm  I’ll be offering guided tours each day at 11am and 2pm.  Members from our local church will be offering delicious lunches and refreshments and we have 14 exciting stall holders selling indoor and outdoor plants, garden décor and other artisan products.   This year we’re running a fabulous gate prize raffle, and all gate proceeds to the One Tree Hill CFS and Open Gardens SA.

I hope to see you all there,   Ruth.